The Volkswagen Up

Posted on August 29, 2014 at 11:07 am

The Up is a compact city car by Volkswagen and while it’s not going to be winning any wards for its boxy design, it is rather spacious and very comfortable. You don’t feel cramped at all, and even the boot space is sufficient enough for a family food shop.

Inside, the car is incredibly stylish, and it’s almost reminiscent of a traditional Beatle, with bold colours that match the exterior paint job, and swanky switches and controls. The car is really smooth to drive and it’s perfect for nipping in and out of town and city centres.

Some have said that it looks a little bit similar to the Hyundai Getz but it does have some unique features, and it takes on a completely different look from the old Lupo. This is a car perfect for all kinds of individuals who want to get from A to B fast in a stylish comfortable motor.

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