Choosing The Correct Motor Oil

Posted on May 12, 2014 at 11:06 am

Motor Oil allows the internal working of your car to be lubricated to keep them in good working order. Essentially without the levels being topped up you could do serious damage to your car engine.

Make sure when you are choosing your oil you choose the appropriate viscosity for the car you have. It will be very dependant on the climate of the country you live in. So choose accordingly.

Conventional and Premium Conventional oils will be available in most viscosities but will be your “standard” oil. If you like regular oil changes, chances are your garage will use the conventional oil. If you have a new car it will come with premium conventional oil.

You could also choose a fully synthetic oil that has been tailored for newer engines with a lot of technology installed to give the optimum operating environment. Keeping the lubrications levels correct in both high and low temperatures. Synthetic blends will be a mixture between conventional and fully synthetic oils and a fraction of the price.

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